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How to bid

There are several convenient and secure methods to bid on our auctions

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Bid in Person

We welcome you to a thrilling adventure on-site. Bidders may only participate after registration at our office. Please return your bidding-number whenever you are finished bidding.

Online LIVE-Bidding

An extra fee of 3% on the WENDL website and 5% on external auction platforms plus VAT will be charged for this additional online service.

1. LIVE-Bidding via WENDL website
Registered clients with user account on our website may use LIVE-Bidding during any auction without further registration or waiting times. 

2. LIVE-Bidding via www.lot-tissimo.com
To use LIVE-Bidding via lot-tissimo you need to re-register whenever an auction takes place to participate. Once you have been verified as LIVE-bidder you will receive a confirmation mail and may see your LIVE-bidding number whenever you log on to your perssonal account. Note: This may take several hours. 

3. LIVE-Bidding via www.the-saleroom.com or www.invaluable.com 
In case you bid via "The Saleroom" or "Invaluable" please follow instructions on the respective portal.

Detailed instructions on how to bid LIVE

What you should know:

  • Please be aware that LIVE-Bidding will not be activated until the day of the auction.
  • Always log out whenever you leave your device unattended
  • Visitors may watch the auction by using the visitor access. No registration is required.

Absentee Bids

As registered client with a customer account on our website you may bid for the desired lot through our online catalogue. After placing your bid, you will receive a confirmation by email. Please ensure that you do not place your bids via different email addresses.
Absentee bids placed through post, fax, email or contact form must be received at least 24 hours prior to the auction.
Note: The lot numbers stated by you are binding, we do not consider any additional notes and information. Even though we are eager to provide any information as accurate as possible, discrepancies between catalogue text and catalogue image may occur. In that case the catalogue text is significant. 
We keep your data and bids confidential at any time. We do not provide information on submitted bids. Other than that we will bit on your behalf to purchase the item at the lowest bid not exceeding your specified maximum. While we are pleased to offer absentee bids as a service and take great care in their commission, we will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Telephone Bids

require a reserve price of at least 150,–€ and have to be placed 24 h in advance of the auction at the latest. A member of our team will contact you by telephone prior the item is offered. Note: Once you registered for telephone bidding, you automatically placed your bid on the reserve price of the desired lot, even if we may not be successful in contacting you! You may leave a „Back Up Bid“ amount which is only used if the phone connection is lost or if we were unable to reach you. While we are pleased to offer telephone bidding as a service and take great care in their commission, we will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Don’t forget to update your telephone number!